• MySQL 5.1 later 開啟支援 InnoDB

    在 MySQL 5.1 之後預設不支援 InnoDB,如果你要開啟支援 InnoDB 可以用編譯或是動態加載的方式載入 InnoDB plugin


    查看是否支援 InnoDB

    如果找不到 InnoDB 的項目,就進行加載 InnoDB

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  • PHPMailer 用 PHP 發信 & Gmail 申請應用程式密碼

    在 github 上面有一個 PHPMailer 專案,他號稱是目前世界上最潮的 PHP send mail code production,對於編碼的支援度也很好,最重要的是他支援各種驗證機制,這讓很多目前五花八門的驗證方式相容性就提高了許多


    Class Features

    Probably the world’s most popular code for sending email from PHP!
    Used by many open-source projects: WordPress, Drupal, 1CRM, SugarCRM, Yii, Joomla! and many more
    Integrated SMTP support – send without a local mail server
    Send emails with multiple TOs, CCs, BCCs and REPLY-TOs
    Multipart/alternative emails for mail clients that do not read HTML email
    Support for UTF-8 content and 8bit, base64, binary, and quoted-printable encodings
    SMTP authentication with LOGIN, PLAIN, NTLM, CRAM-MD5 and Google’s XOAUTH2 mechanisms over SSL and TLS transports
    Error messages in 47 languages!
    DKIM and S/MIME signing support
    Compatible with PHP 5.0 and later
    Much more!

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