AWS SES 提供 IP Pools 來養 IP

2017-08-21 AWS

AWS 的一篇 SES 文章「New – SES Dedicated IP Pools」,在以前 SES 都是直接丟 endpoint,然後 SES 把後面的事情做完。


現在可以用 Dedicated IP 來發信



由於寄信會有「養 IP 」的議題,所以 SES 也提供了這項服務,可以建立 Dedicated IP 指定用來作為不同的發信用途 …

By creating a dedicated IP you’re able to fully control the reputations of those IPs.


但每個 Dedicated IP 價格很硬 …

Dedicated IPs are $24.95 per address per month at the time of this writing


AWS 建議一個 IP 先養起來後再養其他的 IP Pools 的 IP

Before you can use a Dedicated IP you need to “warm” it. You do this by gradually increasing the volume of emails you send through a new address. Each IP needs time to build a positive reputation. In March of this year SES released the ability to automatically warm your IPs over the course of 45 days. This feature is on by default for all new dedicated IPs.


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