Puppet 收購 Distelli 擴展整個 DevOps 產品線

2017-09-21 Puppet

Puppet 趕在 Puppetconf 2017 之前收購了 Distelli,「Welcome to the Puppet family, Distelli!」,Puppet 在國外不只是一個 CM tools 其商業能力也不容小覷,Puppet 開始擴展在 DevOps 的產品線。



文中主要講到的是 Puppet 看上 Distelli 在 CI / CD 的強項

No one builds infrastructure for sake of infrastructure, they build it for running applications. And in order to be successful and fast in rolling out new applications, companies need automation throughout their entire software production system. Unfortunately, up to now that automation happens in isolated pockets. Our mission at Puppet is to enable our customers to deliver better software faster. Distelli’s continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) technology is so core to our strategy that we decided to make this investment and accelerate our ability to respond to our customers’ needs.


如果已經有使用 Puppet 的人或許可以關注一下 Distelli 的產品,納入 Puppet family 之後勢必會做一些整合性比較高的架構出來。







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