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2017-08-08 Tools

今天在測試正規表示式的時候逛到 Dan’s Tools 這個線上工具,原本我只有用他的 Regex checker 來驗證我的正規表示式是不是正確,結果仔細一看包了許多在開發中可能會很常用到的工具


因為太多了 .. 我就懶的一一細講,直接複製貼上 …


Adblock Monitor & Notification

Keep track of your site inside adblock lists. Get notified when your listing changes.

Base64 Encode/Decode

Encode and decode a string as base64.

Binary Converter

Convert between hex, binary, and decimal quickly and easily.

HTML/JS/CSS Playground

An HTML, CSS, Javascript playground to test and share code snippets.

Color Palette Explorer

Explore color palettes the find the perfect one for your project.

Color Picker

Find the perfect color palette for your project.

Unit Converter

Convert between different units of measure.

CSS Formatter

Beautify your CSS code

CSS Fonts

Search for web safe fonts and other web fonts.

CSS Minify

Compress your css to make your website faster to load. This takes out all the unecessary spacing and new lines.

Online Diff Tool

Compare documents using diff and easilty visualize the differences. Quickly merge the two files into one.

Email Validator

Determine whether an email address actually exists, and make sure it is valid.

Favicon.ico & App Icon Generator

Upload an image and have it turned into Favicons and App Icons, and get the proper code to use them.

Convert Files

Convert your video, audio, image, and document files between all formats.

GO Formatter

Clean up your GO code.

Data Size Converter

Convert between different data size measurments. Kilobytes, MegaBytes, Gigabytes, TeraBytes, etc.

.htaccess Generator

Easily create your .htaccess file with all the options you need.

HTML Formatter

Format HTML code to make it ledgible. Supports inline CSS and Javascript as well.

HTML Entities Escape

Encode and decode special html characters so that they can be used in an html page.

Online Image Editor

Edit an image in your browser.

Is It Up Or Down

Check whether a website is up or down.

Javascript Formatter

Format Javascript into a readable form.

Javascript Minify

Improve your site’s speed by optimizing your javascript code.

Javascript Obfuscate

Encode javascript to make it difficuly to read, making it more secure.

Javascript Error Logger

Log javascript errors that your users encounter on your production site.

JSON Formatter

Make your data easier to read with this JSON beautifier.

JSON Editor

Online JSON editor to help you maintain your data files.

JSON Minify

Make your JSON data file smaller with this minifier.

JSON Validator

Make sure your JSON is validly formatted and causing your app to break.

Keyword Tool

Generate a long-tail keyword list and find search volume and CPC for keyword research.

MD5 Hash Generator

Generate an MD5 hash from a string.

Perl Formatter

Reformat Perl code so that is easier to read.

PHP Formatter

Fix sloppy programming and indentation for PHP.

Python Formatter

Python beautifier.

RegEx Testing

Test, experiment, and share Regular Expressions.

Default Router Settings

Find the factory default settings for your router.

Ruby Formatter

Ruby beautifier.

SHA-1 Hash Generator

Generate a SHA-1 hash from a string.

CSS Sprite Generator

Create a CSS sprite out of many images to improve your website’s load time.

SQL Formatter

Format your SQL statements to make the easier to read.

TimeStamp Converter

Convert between unix timestamp (epoch) and several other date/time formats.

URL Encode/Decode

Encode and decode a string for us in http requests.

Website Speed Test

Test how quickly your website loads and find out how to improve its’ load time.

What is my IP

Find out what your IP address is.

XML Formatter

Format your XML data into more readable arrangment.


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